RUBIG Installing Their Two Largest Nitriding Furnaces Ever

“RUBIG Industrial Furnaces, a leading manufacturer of heat treating furnaces, is actually putting the two largest nitriding furnaces in their company history into operation! Both of them are MICROPULS® Everest DUO plasma nitriding furnaces – the technological flagship of the Austrian company. 

The first furnace has already been installed at our sister company, RUBIG Heat Treatment Services, in Wels (Austria). One of its chambers is designed for components with a maximum length of 9.85 ft (3 m). The other one even measures a height of 19.685 ft (6 m) and hence presents the second largest usable height ever designed at RUBIG. The largest chamber so far measured 24.6 ft (7.5 m). Particularly long components like shafts, spindles or screws can now be nitrided, nitrocarburized and/or oxidized at RUBIG Heat Treatment Services.

The second furnace order has just been placed by a Chinese customer. The furnace chamber measures a usable height and a usable diameter of 9.85 ft (3 m) each. This will be the largest diameter in a furnace built by RUBIG ever. Although the furnace itself is manufactured in Austria, the order is a great success for the young subsidiary RUBIG Industrial Furnaces Taicang, China! In addition to their sizes, MICROPULS® Everest furnaces convince with an outstanding process control and environmental compatibility. They are the technological spearheads of RUBIG Industrial Furnaces and have lifted RUBIG up to new heights in nitriding and coating expertise. With the two units, these new heights have literally been reached!”