You Have to be Kidding Me!

Business is good in the industry these days which means a shortage of used furnaces which translates into prices edging up but this is taking it to an extreme! Just yesterday we were offered this batch IQ furnace for $59,000 USD as is/where is but loaded on to a truck (the vendor stressed that as though this was a great selling feature). When we suggested that this was overpriced the response was that there was some room for negotiation.

$59,000? This piece of junk isn’t worth $59.00 much less $59,000. After 40 years in this business this has to be the most ridiculous asking price we have ever run across. It is tempting to publicly shame the vendor by mentioning his name but we will refrain from that. I guess at the end of the day it is kind of funny but it still offends us as it is so out of touch.