Surplus Mesh Belt Furnace Lines Sold?

Earlier this year we had a news item about Commercial Steel Treating in Madison Heights, Michigan, USA closing-the initial news item can be found below. One of the biggest questions about this closing was what would happen with the surplus equipment, in particular the three Can Eng, 4,000 pounds per hour mesh belt furnace lines (large mesh belt furnace lines seldom pop up on the used furnace market). Well we have been lead to believe that all three lines have been purchased by a Turkish fastener manufacturer by the name of Norm Fasteners (to find out why, please read our posting about the company at

What we have been hearing is that all 3 lines will be rebuilt from top to bottom and will enter production in Lansing, Michigan the end of 2025. We will keep you updated on this story.

“MICHIGAN HEAT TREATER TO CLOSE, FEBRUARY 22, 2024It is the understanding of “The Monty Heat Treat News” that commercial heat treater Commercial Steel Treating in Madison, Heights, Michigan will be closing in the near future. The company has a long and distinguished history which we will try and summarize.

Commercial was founded by Ralph Hoensheid in 1927 making it what we believe is the oldest commercial heat treater in North America. At some point in time Commercial became part of  Curtis Metal Finishing which has several locations including in the Chicago, IL area. 

In 2023 Curtis was acquired by an Italian Company by the name of Primat Curtis with locations in Brazil, Europe and the US. What precipitated the decision to close the Madison Heights facility we can’t comment on but it is our understanding that this only effects this location.

At one point in time Commercial was a very substantial commercial heat treater with batch IQ furnaces, induction hardening and continuous furnaces, we believe only the continuous furnaces are still in operation. We will keep you posted on any updates which become available.”

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