Michigan, USA Fastener Manufacturer to Install 3 Mesh Belt Lines?

Earlier this year “The Monty Heat Treat News” had a news item about a Turkish company by the name of Norm Fasteners investing in a new fastener manufacturing facility in Lansing, Michigan. The original news item can be found below and as our readers can see we mentioned at the time that it would include mesh belt furnace lines. We can now provide an update to this story in the form of a “rumor”.
Rumor has it that the company has committed to 3 mesh belt furnace lines capable of neutral hardening and carbonitriding for high volume automotive fasteners. Each line will have a capacity of 4,000 pounds per hour and will include a computerized loading system, high heat furnace, oil quench and pre and post wash systems. Production is not expected until late 2025. While this is a rumor we would expect to be able to confirm or deny this in the near future.  
“Fastener Manufacturer to Invest in New HT Department in Michigan. In 2018 Turkish fastener manufacturer Norm Fasteners established a warehouse and sales office in Lansing, Michigan, USA with the goal of adding manufacturing to this location some time in the future-the future is now. The company recently announced that they will be investing in a new 365,000 square foot plant which will include a number of different processes which include heat treating, forging, plating and coating.
While it does not spell it out here our understanding is that this will include new mesh belt furnace lines. No word on who the possible supplier of the furnaces will be, there are some top notch suppliers of mesh belt furnace lines in North America, but that same holds true for Turkey also-time will tell. 
Norm Fasteners, a subsidiary of Norm Holding based in Izmir, Turkey, has established its first U.S. fastener manufacturing facility in Bath Township, MI, outside of Lansing.
Norm Fasteners, which manufactures fasteners for industries such as automotive, construction and agriculture, initiated the strategic move to the U.S. in 2018 when it established warehousing and a sales office in Lansing.
Developer partner Dymaxion is scheduled to commence construction on the 365,000-square-foot facility in the spring of 2024, with an anticipated completion date in the fall of 2025. Once complete, the facility will be capable of  the annealing and heat treatment of raw materials, cold forging, secondary operations, as well as plating, coating, and sorting and packaging of the final product.”
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