Stack Metallurgical Group, Portland, Oregon, USA

Commercial heat treater Stack Metallurgical has made our news section 3 times recently, first when we attended the open house of the firm’s new “HIP” facility in Albany, Oregon, second when we provided a photo of their SECO/WARWICK vacuum carburizer-the largest in North America and the third time was when we showed photos of their very recent Ipsen bottom load vacuum furnace installation (all of these news items are still included in our Heat Treat News Page). The reason the company warrants such attention is that with four locations, Portland, Oregon, Albany, Oregon, Spokane, Washington  and Salt Lake City, Utah Stack is the largest in the US Northwest and probably deserves to be on our list of the largest in North America Stack is a family owned business, Dave and Dan Ederer to be exact and a company which isn’t afraid to make a large dollar investment if the returns are there, hence their decision to invest $25 million USD in a new HIP plant. It is what we would call a full service heat treat which is quite common in the US Northwest, Batch IQ furnaces, Aluminum Drop Bottoms, mesh belt brazing furnaces, vacuum hardening units-even an Ipsen Ion nitriding system. We have always firmly believed that a picture is worth a 1,000 words hence these 4 photos which we took just over a week ago.

Doug Puerta, CEO, Brad Kaufman, Production Manager, Mike Deaner, Maintenance Manager, Nels Plough, President, Craig Beaumier, Sales Manager


 Mike Deaner, Maintenance Manager. We have always felt that a good Maintenance Manager is worth his weight in gold and Mike is a perfect example. Mike rebuilt this over 20 year old Ipsen vacuum furnace and by the time he was finished it looked brand new.