SECO/WARWICK Installs Vacuum Furnace in Japan

We have to hand it to SECO for selling a vacuum furnace into Japan-it is not an easy job. Japan in our opinion is the most close knit heat treating region in the world with Japanese heat treaters usually always buying from Japanese suppliers and only selling to Japanese customers. Having said that we will also say that heat treating in Japan is second to none. The attached photo shows a commercial heat treat shop we visited a few years back-a top notch operation.

“The Japanese manufacturing sector demands optimal performance quality in all of their capital purchases.  SECO/WARWICK developed a precision vacuum furnace system to meet the Japanese customer’s expectations and standards for quality production.  This specialized system reduces energy consumption through power optimization and cycle time reduction, customized to work within the tight physical space limitations. Even though this is the first vacuum heat treatment furnace that we’ve introduced into the Japanese market, SECO/WARWICK Group has been active in Japan for many years, delivering solutions from different product segments, for example, vacuum melting furnaces. Being present on this market, enabled SECO/WARWICK to better understand local needs. In terms of heat treatment processes, we already had the furnace that the client needed. However, because the traditional solution was too big and did not fit the customer’s tight physical space limitations, our engineers customized the furnace and created one that fits the limited manufacturing space perfectly. Transforming a horizontal furnace door into the special system of vertical opening and lifting was the secret sauce, keeping outstanding thermal process performance, especially with regard to quenching control” explained Maciej Korecki, VP, Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces at SECO/WARWICK.”