Ramada Aços/Heat Treating in Portugal

March 19 we had a summary about the heat treating industry in Portugal https://themonty.com/heat-treating-in-portugal/ If you recall “The Monty” had planned on visiting the major heat treaters in Portugal this past week, however the COVID-19 put an end to any possible in person visits. However the two largest heat treaters in the country were very forthcoming with photos and information and the result it that today we are able to introduce you to the largest heat treater in the country Ramada Aços.

This captive/commercial heat treater is located in the northern part of Portugal in the city of Ovar. Ramada has been in business  for more than 75 years both as a heat treater and a distributor of steel for Uddeholm. The company has 13 vacuum hardening and vacuum nitriding furnaces all from French furnace builder BMI along with 8 sealed quench furnaces with oil quenching https://www.ramada.pt/pt/servicos/acos-ligas/tratamentos-termicos.html Interestingly enough at least some of the sealed quench furnaces are from a Brazillian manufacturer Brasimet which caught our attention. As you can see in our original article about heat treating in Portugal the vast bulk of the work being processed are molds for the plastic industry. We can’t tell you a great deal more about the company except to say that with over 20 furnaces in operation and a history which stretches back 75 years this is a substantial heat treater by any standards.