PhoenixTM Press Release

Carburizing has rapidly become one of the most critial heat treatment processes employed in the manufacture of automotive components. Also refered to as Case hardening it provides necessary surface resitance  to wear, whilst maintaining toughness and core strength essential for hardworking automotive parts. The carburizing heat treatment process is commonly applied to low carbon steel parts after machining, as well as high alloy steel bearings, gears, and other components. Being critical to product performance, monitoring and controlling the product temperture in the  heat treatment process, is essential.

Careful control of both the process temperature and duration, both in the heating and quench stages is essential to both product quality and process efficiency. Obviously when considering temperature we are interested in the product temperature not the furnace. Measuring product temperature through a carburizing process although possible using trailing thermocouples, as performed historically, is certainly not easy, safe and  distrupts production for lengthy periods.

PhoenixTM provides a superior solution with the use of a ‘Thru-Process’ temperature monitoring system. As the name suggests the PhoenixTM temperature profiling system is designed to travel through the thermal process measuring the product and or furnace environment from start to finish. Designed for purpose the system is compact enough to fit in even the most compact of LPC furnaces, yet robust enough to survive the combination of high temperatures and high-pressure gas quenches (up to 20 bar). Unique to PhoenixTM the innovative TS12 range of barriers even allows the monitoring of the continuous carburizing furnace including the oil quench. A high performance, 2way RF system option, permits not only real time live monitoring of the process but also full in-process control of the monitoring system (Start, Stop, Reset, Download etc). The real time RF system although useful in product profiling studies is even more beneficial when performing temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) to CQI-9 or AMS270E. Employing the custom designed Thermal View survey software comprehensive TUS reports can be generated quickly and efficiently.

If you need to Understand, Control, Optimize and Certify your LPC or continuous carburizing furnace to guarantee product quality, process operation efficiency and regulatory compliance, contact PhoenixTM today.