Oven/Furnace Builder Perceptive Industries Closes Doors

Friday, July 7th, 2022 we had a news item about Oven/Furnace builder Perceptive Industries in Plainwell, Michigan, USA closing their doors Oven/Furnace Manufacturer Closes Doors-A Sign of the Times? | The Monty Apparently the company had a very good reputation, as an example Mr. Justin Rydzewski of Controls Service Inc., has these comments about the firm.

“If there was one thing to be said about that team, it’d be that those guys could build one hell of an oven. To date, one of the most memorable TUS’s I’ve ever performed was on a Perceptive Industries oven. It was a very long, open-ended, continuous-belt aluminum aging oven (no vestibule, no inner/outer doors). I remember almost chuckling when they informed me that they wanted it to be surveyed as a “Class 1 AMS2750 Oven” (per AMS2750, Class 1 requires ±5°F control and temperature uniformity). I’d crossed a few Class 1 systems before then, but they were typically very small lab/batch ovens. I figured Class 1 was just a moonshot, wishful thinking, and if they got close, maybe they’d be happy. To my shock, not only did this thing achieve Class 1 temperature uniformity on the initial test effort, but it also produced an uninterrupted soak period that spanned over 11.5hrs. I’d never seen anything like it nor have I since; our team couldn’t believe the test results. We still talk about that oven. It’s sad to see them go; they’ll be missed. Sincerely, Justin Rydzewski, Director, Sales & Market Development, Controls Service, Inc.”

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