Oven/Furnace Manufacturer Closes Doors-A Sign of the Times?

Oven/Furnace Builder Perceptive Industries in Plainwell, Michigan, USA has just closed their doors as can be seen in the company issued statement below. The reasons for the sudden closure are exactly the same challenges as every firm in the heat treatment industry is seeing these days, supply chain issues and labor shortages. It is always upsetting to see companies struggle, especially one such as Perceptive who had a very good reputation in the industry.

“It is with great regret that I am writing to notify you that Perceptive Industries has closed its doors and is being forced to cease operations after 20 years of serving our customers.     This reality is the result of a myriad of challenges we have faced over the past couple of years, includes severe disruptions in the supply chain that supports our business, workforce challenges, and severe drop of new projects from our customers who face similar challenges in the market.  These challenges have left the Company with little working capital to continue operations and we are facing default under our loan agreements.  At this time our bank has assumed control of all assets.” 

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