In just 3 months “The Monty” celebrates 20 years of providing the most up to date news in the heat treatment industry. Because of this it seemed rather appropriate that we also provide an updated website which went live this past weekend. The new site will be far more “mobile device” friendly, will have clearer graphics, an easier format for finding used equipment and for our advertisers larger ads at the same price, more advertising options and complete statistics on website traffic. We are rather excited to say the least.

We can’t shed any light on what brand or size of furnace Standard Aero has installed at their location in Miami, Florida. “StandardAero Component Services has celebrated and dedicated the company’s 30,000-square-foot expansion of its component repair facility, located in Miami, Florida. The additional working space and capital improvements included the installation of a state-of-the-art clean line, an additional vacuum furnace as well as water jet cleaning capabilities. As a result, the facility will be the largest provider of aerospace and aerospace-derivative combustor overhauls in North America, and the second largest in the world.” A booming industry has lead to a shortage of good used furnaces on the market and the furnace below is pretty typical. It is a late model, great condition AVS vacuum sintering furnace which forms part of the in house heat treating department of a North American manufacturer of dental tools. It was put on the used market about a year ago and because it is a rather unusual style of furnace (and also that the asking price was right at the top end) it has languished on the market since then. However the owner is finding business to be so good and prospects in the future so bright that the decision has been made to keep the furnace for future heat treating needs-this is not an unusual scenario these days.

Back in May of this year we had a story about visiting commercial heat treater Wittman Harterei in Germany, a story which mentioned how they were making a very large investment in their plant and equipment this year. Sure enough a few weeks back they received a brand new vacuum nitrider from Rohde, a German furnace builder and they then promptly turned around and ordered another one just a few weeks back. This shows the second unit on the floor at Rohde just 2 weeks ago. Here is the original news item;  “May 2018. Wittman Harterei, Germany, Expanding.  Commercial heat treater wittman harterei in Uhingen, Germany will shortly be doubling the size of their plant and adding some more furnace capacity. The company was founded in 1998 and the main focus is a number of very large Aichelin Sealed Quench (Batch IQ) furnaces. With almost 40 employees the company has found business to be brisk enough to warrant a multi- million euro investment in the firm.”

In China Anhui Yingliu Electro Mechanical Co Ltd, made a major investment in a brand new vacuum furnace installation. What you see in this photo are 4 just installed vacuum furnace with all metal hot zones which were installed by Vacuum Furnace Engineering Ltd. A very neat looking installation.

Speaking of new vacuum furnace installations SAFRAN and Air France-KLM recently set up a joint venture in France which will repair airplane engine components. Part of this new joint venture includes a new vacuum furnace from French furnace builder BMI which features retractable thermocouples which is an intriguing idea.

Karnavati Car Air Conditioners Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad (KCPL) Orders a SECO/WARWICK Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) Line for their greenfield project in Gujrat India. SECO/WARWICK will provide KCPL a complete line including the CAB brazing furnace and related equipment to complete the process:  thermal degreaser, fluxer, dry-off oven, air quality and cleaning. The system will be utilized for aluminum heat exchangers of all types for the automotive market. KCPL is one of the fastest growing Company in India, dealing in automotive radiators, condensers, cooling coils and fan assemblies. We have selected the complete SECO/WARWICK’s CAB brazing line because the system versatility will enable our company to produce a wide variety of high quality products with the lowest possible cost – our goal is to continue our rapid pace of growth and improve profitability by modernizing our brazing operation,” commented Kartik Jethwa – Chief Engineer, KCPL. “We are proud technology partners with KCPL and look forward to their continued success.

Solar Atmospheres Greenville, SC Receives Nadcap 18 month Merit Status. Solar Atmospheres – Greenville, SC announces that it has been awarded Nadcap 18-month Merit status for Heat Treating, Brazing and Carburizing.  We are extremely pleased PRI has recognized our corporate commitment to quality. Achieving 18-month merit has been a goal set by Solar’s employees since opening its doors in 2015. The adherence to strict specification requirements, flawless process execution, and a daily commitment to quality processing is evident among all employees of Solar Atmospheres.