Lake City Heat Treating Adding More “HIPPING” Capacity

We’re always surprised that more commercial heat treaters do not offer “Hipping” as it can be quite a profitable business. On the other side of the coin the high cost of the equipment and potential issues (hey anything operating at 30,000 psi can be dangerous) probably put most people off. Having said that though regular readers of “The Monty” will remember that just 1 week ago another commercial shop Paulo also said they were adding “Hipping”.  The one photo below entitled “Avure” shows an existing system at Lake City, the other shows the new unit. 

“In Warsaw, Indiana we see that Lake City Heat Treating Corp., announced that it has purchased a newly designed modular hot isostatic press system from Quintus Technologies in Vasteras, Sweden, the third such press for Lake City. These presses are recognized as the best HIP systems for advanced materials in the demanding aerospace and orthopedic industries. The press features a work zone 23.62 inches in diameter and 70.87 inches high. Operating temperature is 2552°F, with a pressure of 30,000 psi. It is also equipped with patented Uniform Rapid Cooling technology, which dramatically reduces processing time. Lake City provides heat treating services for the aerospace, medical, and other quality-critical industries. It specializes in bright aging, hardening, annealing, and stress relieving of many different alloys, including nickel, cobalt, and titanium.”