Heat Treatment Industry Interviews-Upcoming

We are rather proud of the fact that no other company in the world has interviewed more people in the heat treatment industry than “The Monty” https://themonty.com/interviews/ Over the past few months we have interviewed Mr. Brian Reid of Park Thermal, the new President & CEO of SECO/WARWICK, Mr.  Mr. Slawomir Wozniak, the President & CEO of ECM, Mr. Laurent Pelissier and currently we have an interview on the home page of our website with Mr. Steve Thompson and Mr. Jim Oakes of controls company  SSi https://themonty.com/ So who are we looking forward to interviewing in the near future? October 1 we will be speaking with Mr. Thomas Dopler CEO of furnace builder Aichelin GesmbH, Moedling, Austria, November 1 we meet up with Mr. Andreas Fritz of cleaning equipment supplier EMO Oberflächentechnik GmbH and December 1 we have a long awaited interview with Mr. Stephen Harris, CEO of commercial heat treating giant Bodycote. This photo shows Mr. Thomas Dopler of Aichelin who is next up.