Gasbarre Furnace Group Offering Nitriding Furnaces

Ask us what the fastest growing heat treat process is and our answer will be instantaneous-Nitriding. Gas nitriding, vacuum nitriding, plasma nitriding, any type of nitriding. So with that being said it is no surprise that more and more furnace companies are offering nitriding solutions. 

“Gord, We have a number of exciting things happening at Gasbarre, which will be formally introduced in the coming weeks.  We’ve been going through a rebranding process, not only for our furnace group, but the entire Gasbarre corporation.  We gave a taste of that at this year’s FNA show (attached is a picture of our booth).  We’ve added automation to our list of products.  And yes, we’ve also added gas nitriding equipment to our list of thermal processing products.  We’ve been working on the design for quite some time with the plan to roll it out at FNA.  We were running ahead of schedule and actually put one in our backlog prior to the show, so we aren’t “getting in the business”… We are in it!  Our organization at Gasbarre has been evolving, and we have a lot of great people making this all possible.  You’ll be hearing more from us in the next few weeks! Pictured (left to right):  Paul Chamberlain (Regional Sales), Mark Saline (President, Sinterite/CI Hayes), Patrick Weymer (National Sales), Jeff Schlais (Sales Representative) Thank you. Benjamin T. Gasbarre, President – J. L. Becker”