FPM Heat Treating Consolidating Plants

There was a news report in several Milwaukee, WI, USA newspapers and on this site reporting that commercial heat treater FPM Heat Treating based in Elk Grove, Illinois, USA would be closing their facility at 11200 W. Heather Avenue in Milwaukee by mid May of 2020. As it turns out this report was not entirely accurate. The company will be relocating the equipment from this plant to their other locations and all the employees at this facility have been offered jobs at either the Elk Grove or Cherry Valley locations, an offer which a number of employees have accepted. FPM is one of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America as rated by “The Monty” https://themonty.com/largest-commercial-heat-treats/ This photo shows part of the FPM team at the Elk Grove plant back in 2018 when we last visited.