Commercial Heat Treater Nitrex Continues Expansion in China

Commercial heat treater Nitrex who is ranked as one of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America by “The Monty” continues with their very ambitious expansion plans. August 27th of this year the firm announced an expansion to their operations in Poland and July 20th the company told us how their Aurora, Illinois, USA site was expanding

Well today we can tell you that the company is adding a brand new location in Ningbo, China to be called “Nitrex Thermal Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.” This facility will compliment their existing plant in Wuxi,  China “Nitrex Thermal Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd”. Construction is almost completed on the Ningbo building and equipment will start being installed shortly with a completion date hopefully later this year. Undoubtedly this plant will have Nitrex gas nitriding furnaces but whether it will follow in the steps of the Aurora plant and offer vacuum carburizing also is a question which we can’t answer at this point in time.

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