Nitrex Poland Expanding

Scan through this news item and you will see that Nitrex is adding a large expansion to their manufacturing facility in southern Poland. When we at “The Monty” visited this facility a couple of years ago this is what we saw (below). In the pictures you see Gord Montgomery and the founder of Nitrex Mr. Michael Korwin.

“Nitrex Metal has started the expansion work of its manufacturing facility in Sosnowiec, Poland. Construction of the new building began in May 2020 and is slated for completion in March 2021. The new 2-story building will be connected to the west façade of the adjoining building, and as a result of this expansion, an additional 21,500 square feet (over 2000 m2) of new space will be added, almost doubling the size of the current building. Nitrex moved manufacturing operations to a new plant in Poland more than ten years ago to enhance its manufacturing competency and reduce the complexity of the supply chain. Since starting its operations in Poland in 2008, the product portfolio has expanded from building Nitrex turnkey nitriding and nitrocarburizing systems to include the production of UPC-Marathon probes, analyzers, and controllers. Centralizing the European production and distribution facility under the same roof allowed UPC-Marathon to streamline operations, boost its efficiencies, and gain access to R&D support and expertise for future product developments.

“This expansion project reflects our commitment to continuous growth and will enable us to scale up production to stay abreast with the global customer demand for turnkey nitriding systems and furnace control upgrade solutions. Our vision is to build a strong and sustainable company and be a source of stability for our employees, customers, partners and community. The investments we are making today to enhance our production capacity will allow for a quicker response to market demands, help to accelerate new product initiatives, and provide space for future growth,” said Iwo Korwin, President, Global Nitrex Turnkey Systems (NTS).  Adam Siwek, Production Manager at Nitrex Poland, who is overseeing all aspects of the construction project is excited about the next phase of Nitrex’s growth. “After a year of planning and despite the delays in the planned construction due to COVID-19, construction is now pushing forward. The expansion is not only limited to factory space but also includes offices and warehouse space, a new state-of-the-art research laboratory furnished with a Nitrex compact nitriding furnace for process development and testing purposes, as well as a technology laboratory fitted with a large capacity test furnace for conducting probe evaluations and certifications,” said Adam.”

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