Commercial Heat Treater Adds Batch IQ Capacity

April 18th as part of our regular “Monday Morning Briefing” we mentioned that commercial heat treater Bluewater Thermal in St. Marys, PA, USA was in the process of adding another batch IQ furnace “The Monty Heat Treat News” Monday Morning Briefing | The Monty With the assistance of the “Bluewater Team” we can now provide you all the details about what the firm is adding and what they currently have. “The new equipment being added to our Saint Marys, PA facility consists of:

  • Surface Combustion Super 36/72 Allcase Batch I/Q Furnace (36x72x36)
  • Surface Combustion Super 36/72 P/M Uni-Draw (36x72x36)

We took delivery on April 6 and are in the process of start-up/commissioning this week. This is our 5th Super 36/72 Surface Allcase I/Q and our 7th Super 36/72 Uni-Draw to be added to our Super 36 line. We have been seeing significant growth in both our automotive and lawn & garden powder metal business segments leading to the need for additional batch capacity. We also offer:

  • A Surface Combustion Super 30 line consisting of:
  • (3) Super 30 Allcase Batch I/Q Furnaces (30x48x30)
  • (5) Super 30 Box Temper Furnaces (30x48x30)
  • (2) Surface Combustion 48”x35’ 4 Zone Mesh Belt Furnace Lines with inline quench, post-wash and Belt Uni-Draw temper
  • (3) L&N (Lindberg) 28” Diam x 48” Deep Pit Steam Atmosphere Furnaces
  • Surface Combustion Rx (5 Retort) 15,000 cfh Endothermic Generator (New in 2018)

Our Ridgway facility (Editors note; Ridgway is just down the road from the St. Marys facility) is purely an induction shop specializing in high volume, mostly automotive powder metal parts (Sprockets, Gears, Turbine Hubs, Carriers, etc) and consists of:

  • Dual Spindle Ajax-Tocco Scanner (40kW / 135-400kHz Dual Power Supplies)
  • Quad Spindle Ajax-Tocco Scanner (40kW / 135-400kHz Quad Power Supplies, Two work stations)
  • 5 Spindle Fully Automated Taylor Winfield Scanner (25kW / 125-400kHz x5 Power Supplies)
  • Inline Belt Temper Furnaces supporting all machines/work stations

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