Bodycote New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA

Wandering around Wisconsin last week we had to stop and visit the Bodycote (commercial heat treating) plant in New Berlin, Wisconsin which for a couple of reasons is a rather unusual Bodycote facility. Size wise it is fairly average but it offers two processes which are not a standard for Bodycote; press quenching and salt bath nitriding. Press quenching is never common in commercial shops mainly because it is such a specialized process involving a substantial investment in tooling which can generally only be used for one particular product. Having said that this location (which has all Gleason press quench units) actually has more Gleason units than Gleason has in their commercial/captive heat treating plant in Rochester, NY. The other process which this plant offers which is unique to Bodycote in North America is their salt bath nitriding department (FNC). This is a booming business for this plant helped by the fact that their only competitor in the area recently got out of the business and sold the equipment off. These photos give you a good idea about what you would see if you visit this location. And the people? Top notch fellows that we met. 

 Left to Right; Alex Christenson, Ed Barcikowski, Bob Stanisch

Left to Right; Ed Barcikowski, Jim Warden, Alex Christenson, Bob Stanisch