Big Changes at Retech Systems LLC

Since 1963 Retech Systems has been manufacturing vacuum melting systems in Northern California…but that is all about to change. The next step in the story of Retech comes with a transition of much of the manufacturing and assembly previously done in Ukiah, CA to facilities in Świebodzin, Poland. All of the future work done at the SECO/Warwick facilities in Poland will be per the established Retech standards with the focus on maintaining all expectations associated with the Retech brand. The Ukiah office will be downsized and will retain our experienced engineers, leading technical directors, technologists, and service staff. Key leadership roles will continue to be filled and Retech’s unique R&D Center will continue to be built up. Ultimately, the company will then maintain a west coast office along with the recently opened east coast office in Buffalo, NY.

In the words of Retech’s President, Earl Good, “This is an effort to both strengthen our organization and to satisfy our customer’s expectations. Ultimately, we are confident that the new organizational structure and footprint will enable Retech to be much closer to our global customers while improving our competitiveness in the industrial markets we serve.” Retech will now be better positioned to support both large capital projects while also satisfying the regular, daily customer service needs our customers demand and deserve. This transformation has taken place due to efforts by both the Retech and SECO management teams as a purposeful reinvestment into the company with the most significant beneficiaries being Retech’s customers.

About Retech Systems LLC

Retech is the world’s leading supplier of Electron Beam (EB) and Plasma (PAM) Cold Hearth furnaces for melting and refining titanium and titanium alloys. Retech advanced vacuum metallurgical systems also include Vacuum Arc Remelt (VAR), VAR Consumable (Skull) Casting, EB and PAM Consolidation furnaces, Plasma Welders, Vacuum Induction melting (VIM), Precision Investment Casting (DS/SC/EQ), Cold Wall Induction melting and casting, Vacuum Heat Treating, and Gas Atomization for metal powder production. All our furnaces are available in various sizes and configurations, from simple laboratory-scale to large, custom engineered systems. Further, we provide customer access to a wide range of in-house resources, including technology, material and process development. Identifying customer needs, as well as understanding the importance of producing relevant, viable, and cost-effective technologies, is the foundation upon which Retech is built. Learn more about Retech by visiting the Retech website:

About SECO/Warwick

SECO/WARWICK is a technological leader in innovative heat treatment furnaces. Expertise includes end-to-end solutions in 5 categories: vacuum heat treatment, atmosphere and aluminum thermal processing, controlled atmosphere brazing of aluminum heat exchangers and vacuum metallurgy. SECO/WARWICK Group has 10 companies located on three continents with customers in nearly 70 countries, has its production facilities in Poland, USA, India and China. In addition, the Group includes a number of service and sales offices in such countries as: Germany, Russia and France. The company provides standard or customized state-of-the-art heat processing equipment and technologies to leading companies in the following industries: automotive, aerospace, electronics, tooling, medical, recycling, energy including nuclear, wind, oil, gas, and solar and production of steel, titanium and aluminum. Learn more about SECO/Warwick by visiting the SECO website: