Zastava Arms Buys SECO/WARWICK Furnace

All the way from Serbia we have this press release about a recent SECO order; 

“In addition to aerospace, automotive, and energy industries, defense is one of the sectors where SECO/WARWICK Group provides standard or customized heat processing equipment and technologies. Recently, the company has partnered with Zastava Arms (from Serbia), who purchased a new SECO/WARWICK high temperature box furnace. The furnace will replace dated equipment, providing Zastava Arms with new technology including tighter temperature uniformity within the heating chamber, and fully automated temperature controls.  We chose the SECO/WARWICK technology based on our previous experience and because it is a perfect fit into our Quality Management System by providing the real time control systems that ensure high quality product and profitable operation.

Zastava Arms has been a supplier to the defense industry for many decades and can stay among top defense suppliers thanks to investments to high quality technology,” said Manager of Department of Technology  – Mr. Vladan Živković, Zastava Arms. “We have enjoyed a long partnership with Zastava Arms and are pleased to continue to supply advanced technology solutions for every heat treatment application. As a technology partner, we are positioned to support our customer’s growth by offering a wide range of service and equipment options especially for the very demanding industries represented by our partner,” commented Jarosław Talerzak, Vice President of Thermal Segment at SECO/WARWICK.”