Youngstown Tool & Die Expands Capabilities, Adds Nitrex Nitriding

Ohio-based aluminum extrusion die manufacturer Youngstown Tool & Die (YTD) chose NITREX Canada to support their expansion strategy, scaling up value-added nitriding services that the company provides to its customers. In the last quarter of 2020, YTD added Nitreg® controlled nitriding with the installation of a Nitrex turnkey gas nitriding system to complement their range of heat-treating services.

Roll-out of the expansion started last summer when YTD relocated to a larger manufacturing facility and made investments in new production and finishing equipment to increase its manufacturing capabilities and meet the growing demand in the USA. As part of the new production, YTD installed a Nitrex pit-type NX-1015 nitriding system that boasts a 4,400 lbs. (2,000 kg) capacity for treating aluminum extrusion dies.

The installation of a Nitrex system makes it possible for Youngstown Tool & Die customers to obtain greater performance results from treated dies. Since aluminum extrusion dies undergo extrusion cycles in conditions that include high temperatures, abrasion, and wear, periodic nitriding with Nitreg® technology ensures optimum results of the nitrided layer, translating to longer-lasting extrusion dies. Besides improving die quality, Nitreg® also contributes to reduced costs associated with tooling, downtime, corrections, and profile quality.

“This is the company’s first purchase of a Nitrex nitriding system and we are glad to be part of their growth strategy. Use of the Nitreg® nitriding technology will ensure that YTD customers optimize their die performance and achieve greater throughput capacities,” said Jack Kalucki, Account Executive at Nitrex.

About NITREX: NITREX is the lead provider of fully integrated heat-treating solutions and technologies globally. The company was founded in 1984 in Montreal, Canada and operates three business units – Nitrex Turnkey Systems (NTS) a leader of turnkey nitriding, nitrocarburizing and vacuum heat treat systems; Heat Treating Services (HTS) a worldwide network of commercial heat-treating service centers; and UPC, a leading provider of controls upgrade and automation solutions for heat treating and combustion. Nitrex serves its customers globally from 14 locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, China, Japan and through a global network of representatives and licensees. | |

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David Mrdjenovic, General Manager, Youngstown Tool & Die