Wolfgang Schmahl GmbH & Co. KG Expands Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC) Department

In Velbert, Germany gear supplier Wolfgang Schmahl GmbH & Co., has long been a believer in low pressure carburizing (LPC) and to prove it they have added more capacity. The company had an existing system from IHI and to close out 2020 they completed installation of two more IHI VCB Furnaces. To our European and Japanese readers the name IHI will be quite familiar, however to North Americans it is a name probably largely unknown. IHI is a Japanese company who provides LPC systems and while they have marketed their products extensively in Asia and Europe the company has never focused on North America.

Wolfgang Schmahl GmbH & Co. is a highly specialized manufacturer of gearwheels and gear units used around the world. Today, the company employs more than 180 people on a production area of 10,000 m2. From the outset, the company has specialized in the production of gearwheels and transmission parts as well as the assembly of complete gear units.

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