Wm. Wright & Associates Makes Major Investment in Alloy Business

On May 8, 2023 “The Monty Heat Treat News” announced that long standing manufacturers rep firm Wm. Wight & Associates in the US Midwest had signed an agreement to represent Sajjan Precision Castings for high temperature alloy components and furnace fixturing (the press release can be found below and at https://themonty.com/wm-wright-associates-now-representing-sajjan-precision-castings/ ). The firm has now taken the next step which is stocking base trays at their Illinois location; “We received our first batch of trays today. Most of these are already spoken for and will go out this week, but we have two more shipments set to arrive within the next week and a half. Once we have inventory built up, we will be able to ship trays for the most common furnaces from stock.”

As far as we know Wm. Wright & Associates are the first firm in North America to stock alloy components provided by an Indian foundry. India is of course renown for very competitive pricing so it will be interesting to see the results of this investment. Certainly if there is any rep firm in North America to be able to launch a project like this it would be the team at Wm. Wright, Jim, KC and Willy Wilbur.

Wm Wright & Associates Now Representing Sajjan Precision Castings; For those in the high temperature alloy component and furnace fixturing industry inNorth America this is an extremely interesting press release.

“MAY 8, 2023. Wm. Wright & Associates, Incorporated in the Chicago, USA areais one of the oldest heat treat rep firms in North America as they were established in 1958. For many years now they have also had the distinctionof being quite possibly the largest rep firm in North America when it comes to sales of heat treatment fixturing and furnace components. Late in 2022the firm left Wirco, a US based supplier and according to this press releaseis now working with Sajjan Precision Castings. Read on.

“Sajjan Precision Castings (www.sajjanprecision.com) is pleased to announce the appointment of Wm. Wright & Associates, Incorporated as Sales Agent for heat resistant castings in North America. Sajjan has been in business since 1935. In the last 24 years SAJJAN has developed 11,700 types of Heat Treatment Fixtures and delivered to 1,790 customers in 27 countries.

“Recently, SAJJAN has brought a new technology which is helping customers save millions of dollars just by optimization of fixtures. Sajjan has planned to use this capacity to supply the highest quality products to North America. Sajjan has already been active in the US Market serving the Food & Beverage Industry for 24 years. SAJJAN looks forward to serving the needs of the North American heat-treating market.” Vikram Chhabra, Managing Director of Sajjan Precision Castings.

Wm. Wright is a Manufacturers’ Rep group dating back to 1958 that specializes in both consumables as well as capital equipment for the Heat Treat market. They work with several of the leading manufacturers serving heat treaters. “We look forward to helping our customers succeed with the high-quality products that Sajjan Precision Castings produces.

In the short time that we have been working with them, they have impressed
us with the passion that the team supporting us has shown. They are
committed to our customers with flexible tooling, dedicated specialty
tooling, and alloy furnace components. Sajjan has molding capabilities in
green sand, chemically bonded, and investment casting. This versatility
allows them to select the proper molding process based on the geometry of
the parts our customers need. They also have the experience which enables
them to offer material recommendations that allow customers to decrease
fixture weight and increase the ratio of parts to tooling. Using the proper
material can also extend tooling life.

Sajjan will have stock trays designed for the most common furnaces. “My
recent visit to the foundry to see their operations in-person has confirmed
that we have selected the proper partner.” Jim Wilbur, President of Wm.
Wright & Associates, Inc. Please contact Wm. Wright & Associates,
Incorporated for help with your heat resistant alloy needs:
[email protected]

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