Wisconsin Oven Ships 4 Zone Conveyor Oven

“Wisconsin Oven Corporation announced the shipment of one (1) Electrically Heated Four Zone Conveyor Oven to a manufacturer in the oil and gas industry. The electrically heated conveyor oven has sufficient capability to heat 25 parts per hour with a heating time of 48 minutes and a cooling time of 12 minutes. Each chamber in this four-zone conveyor oven has a maximum temperature rating of 400°C and dimensions of 1’8” wide x 2’0” long x 6” high. The oven has a guaranteed oven temperature uniformity of ±6°C at 310°C (±10.8°F at 590°F) for a minimum of 6 minutes per heating chamber and with a belt speed of 2 inches per minute. The cool down features a 1,500 CFM propeller fan to cool the parts utilizing top-down airflow, where cooling air will be discharged into the shop from below the unit.”