Wisconsin Oven Introduces IoT Technology for Performance Monitoring of Industrial Ovens

“East Troy, WI – June 30th, 2020 – Wisconsin Oven Corporation is pleased to announce a new IoT (Internet of things) predictive maintenance technology available on their industrial ovens. The new system will be supplied by DataSense Technologies™ and is capable of monitoring the performance and health of components on the ovens. Wisconsin Oven is dedicated to offering their customers the most advanced capabilities in the industry and believes that this IoT connectivity will be of great value to their customers.

The DataSense Technologies™ Performance Monitoring System utilizes sensors to monitor the condition of components on a customer’s industrial oven. The system features a gateway that collects performance data from sensors on critical oven components. There are a variety of conditions that the sensors track such as, vibration, temperature, current, and pressure.

By adding the Performance Monitoring System to an industrial oven, the data collected can be used to identify performance and component issues so maintenance can be scheduled before a failure occurs. Some thresholds are factory-set to protect the equipment and Customers can work with Wisconsin Oven to set thresholds to indicate alarm conditions specific to their needs.  When those thresholds are exceeded, the Performance Monitoring System will send an immediate alert to the appropriate personnel. The service team will use this information to predict component failures before they happen which minimizes unscheduled downtime and increases both productivity and profitability.

Wisconsin Oven is committed to providing quality products while meeting the technology requirements of today’s connected world. For more information on a DataSense Technologies™ Performance Monitoring System for your industrial oven click here to view a detailed video. Call us today or visit our website www.wisoven.com to request a quote on adding a system to your next industrial oven or retrofit your current equipment.”