Why is the Heat Treat Team at Metalsa so Happy?

So why is the heat treat team at captive heat treater Metalsa in Mexico grinning from ear to ear (trust us they are under their masks). Because they just read the July 2022 edition of “The Monty Heat Treat News” and now they know all the latest news and trends in the global heat treat industry. Want to be as happy as the Metalsa team-you can find this 86 page edition at https://fliphtml5.com/gvbzt/nxte

“MARCH 2022, Metalsa Perfektools Adds HTCM (heat treatment cross member). The HTCM process is the newest heat treatment process at Metalsa Perfektools and began operation December 2021. Metalsa is a company focused on the automotive industry with the manufacturing of chassis for customers such as Stellantis, Toyota, Paccar and others. At our Perfektools plant our process of heat treatment is focused on the production of cross members to be used for chassis in commercial vehicles-a heat treatment process unique to Latin America. This tempering process is very unusual in that it is carried out with water rather than oil.”

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