Why do Manufacturers Bring Heat Treatment In House-Part II

April 30th of this year “The Monty Heat Treat News” posted a news item entitled “Why do Manufacturers Bring Heat Treatment In House-Castool”. In this news item we pointed out that generally the reasons to bring heat treatment in house have little to do with the actual cost of heat treating https://themonty.com/why-do-manufacturers-bring-heat-treatment-in-house-castoo1/

Several readers pointed out that another factor that went into this decision had to do with the cost of the overall project. We can safely assume that the overall cost of this project was somewhere between $10 and $20 million USD, most likely roughly in the middle. At the end of the day only a handful of commercial heat treaters in North America have the resources to invest in a project this size. Bodycote, Aalberts, Solar Atmospheres, Aalberts, Paulo and a couple of others are pretty much the only firms that would make this list (for a list of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America as ranked by “The Monty Heat Treat News” we would suggest this link https://themonty.com/project/the-monty-heat-treat-news-50-largest-north-american-commercial-heat-treats-2022/)

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