Who Starts a New Heat Treat During a Pandemic – Salto Heat Treat

So who in their right mind starts up a heat treat in the middle of a pandemic-especially in one of the northern most parts of North America-Salto Heat Treat in Coniston, Ontario, Canada-thats who. There is little in the way of heat treating in the northern part of North America as there is little industry, the small exception revolves around the mining industry and that is concentrated around Subury,  Ontario, Canada-the nickel capital of the world. There we find one of two commercial heat treats in the area, Salto Heat Treat. A recent visit (yesterday to be exact) shows an impeccable heat treat shop in terms of equipment, cleanliness  and organization. Salto was started in the Spring of 2020 which meant it had to weather the storm of Covid. As  we all know the storm is slowly abating and Salto as an example is starting to boom.
The firm features a brand new batch IQ furnace, several tempers, an automated Induction line which represents an investment of over $3 million, a black oxide line and several other pieces of heat treat equipment. In these photos you see Gord Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News” along with Chris  Mehanna, General Manager.

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