Where Are They Now? Mark DeBruin

Mark has spent most of his life in the US heat treating industry, most recently as Techincal Manager with Thermal Process Holdings. Recently he made a substantial career change and entered the world of 3D printing-this is his story;

“Mark DeBruin, who was previously with Thermal Process Holdings and Delta H furnaces, has moved to a position. He is now working at Skuld LLC’s a startup company as their CTO. Skuld is developing a new manufacturing process that combines 3D printing with lost foam investment casting. Their CEO, Sarah Jordan, also has a heat treating background including working at Timken, CMC Impact Metals, and as a Nadcap Staff Engineer for heat treating. 

Jordan reports, “We are developing a process to finally make 3D printing as cost effective as traditional manufacturing. Our process is 10 times more accurate than sand printing, 10 times faster than investment casting, and cheaper than either of those or direct metal 3D printing.” The company’s new technology which they call AMEC is a finalist in the 3D Pioneers Challenge to be held at Rapid Tech 3D in Germany in May. 

The company is currently using AMEC to produce aluminum parts but has demonstrated the process in a wide range of alloys.  DeBruin indicated that later this year they plan to expand casting to higher temperature alloys such as 304, 330, HU, and HT stainless steels.  He says, “Once we get our 3 induction furnaces installed, we will be able to produce baskets and heat treat fixtures directly from casting without tooling.”  The company also reports that they have 3 heat treat furnaces that they plan to install later in the year.” 

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