Where Are They Now? Marco Moser

The alloy industry consists of all those companies around the world who supply either fabricated or cast high temperature alloy components such as base trays, baskets, radiant tubes etc. And if you are involved with the alloy industry we can almost guarantee that you know Marco Moser either from his days as President of North American Cronite or as VP Business Development for Alcon Industries of Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Well after 3 years and 4 months Marco has abruptly left Alcon and is looking for new opportunities-and with his experience we would assume he will find a new opportunity pretty quickly. We went through our file photos and came up with this one of Marco-he is on the right. This photo was taken at a Heat Treat Show in Germany back in 2016 where Marco was presenting Alcon to the European market, something which we never understood. For logistical reasons it is almost unheard of for a European alloy supplier to supply the North American market and visa/versa-since we have not seen Alcon exhibiting at any European shows since then we have to assume they learned this lesson.