Where Are They Now? Juan Eliseo Cruz Ortega

In Mexico we see that a long time heat treater, Mr. Juan Eliseo Cruz Ortega has made a change. For a number of years he worked with commercial heat treater ALD Trataientos Termicos in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico (ALD has two facilities in North America, this one and a larger facility in Port Huron, Michigan, USA which is called ALD Thermal Treatment. Both focus on vacuum carburizing of automotive transmission components. Find out who ALD compares in size to other North American commercial heat treaters at https://themonty.com/project/largest-north-american-commercial-heat-treats-august-2020/)

Well within the last month Juan made an interesting change and he is now Senior Project Manager at ECM USA in Coahuila, Mexico. In this position Juan will be helping ECM to establish its position in Mexico and also support their current and new projects in Mexico and also in the US.  In these photos we see Juan and also two pictures of the ALD plant in Ramos Arizpe as we at “The Monty Heat Treat News” saw it in 2015.