Where Are They Now-Eric Nordin, Sun Steel Treating

For years now we have been running across a fellow by the name of Eric Nordin who is part of a very small, elite group-a sales representative in the commercial heat treating industry. We are not being facetious when we say this, there are few individuals out there whose entire lives have been dedicated to selling heat treatment services. Eric’s background includes Sales Manager at Thermal One in Westland, Michigan and Technical Sales at Schmolz & Bickenbach in Carol Stream, Illinois. Eric just this week joined the team at Sun Steel Treating in South Lyon, Michigan where his primary responsibility will be to enhance the rapidly expanding vacuum hardening department. While Sun is one of the largest plasma nitriding facilities in North America they have plans to dramatically grow the vacuum side of things. With 65 employees the company is a substantial heat treater and we are looking forward to profiling the company in the near future.

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