What’s It Worth? Large 2 Bar Vacuum Furnace

We have often said that the two most desirable items on the used equipment market are Batch IQ Furnaces (36” X 48” X 36” or larger) and vacuum furnaces with diffusion pumps and at least 2 bar quenching (by the way to this list we would also add top notch Gas and Ion Nitriders as being extremely desirable). In our “What’s It Worth” category this item fits the bill for a very desirable vacuum furnace; a fairly new GM Enterprises vacuum furnace installed at an aerospace company with working dimensions of  48” X 48” X 48”, diffusion pump, 2 bar argon quenching, always used on a closed loop water cooling system, new hot zone and blah, blah, blah, blah-you get the picture. Asking price for this item is $375,000 USD which is a ton of money-worth it? We think since a new version would be well over $1 million USD that probably it is worth every penny and will sell quickly. We promise to update you on when this sells.