What’s it Worth – Ipsen Titan Furnace

A captive/commercial heat treater in the Western US is closing down putting several used furnaces on the market (more details on this later). One of the furnaces is a 3 year old Ipsen Titan H2 vacuum furnace with working dimensions of 18″ wide X 24″ deep X 18″ high, 2 bar nitrogen quenching, a maximum temperature of 2400F and diffusion pump-all in all a very desirable furnace. We have always said that the most a used furnace will fetch on the open market is half of the new price and this unit was a perfect example. It was listed at $185,000 USD and took a grand total of 2 days to sell at almost full asking price, an asking price which as you have guessed was a little over half of the price of new. This photo does not do the furnace justice as it was in good condition.