What’s Hot on the Used Heat Treat Furnace Market-Mesh Belt Furnace Lines

Since its introduction to the North American heat treat market many years ago by Canadian furnace builder Can Eng Furnaces International, mesh belt furnace lines have grown in popularity especially amongst heat treaters processing fasteners. The advantages over cast link belt furnaces, rotary retort and shaker hearth furnaces are so glaringly apparent that mesh belt lines have a virtual stronghold on processing high volume, relatively small parts (the only area where you occasionally see a new cast link belt line is where heavy parts are involved. New shakers have virtually disappeared from the industry as have new rotary retorts). While originally mesh belt lines were relatively small at 500-1,000 pounds per hour, the industry standard has grown to the point that the new standard is 3,000 to 6,000 pounds per hour.

For reasons unknown to us recently there has been an extremely strong demand for used mesh belt lines, as mentioned above at least 3,000 pounds per hour. Perhaps it has to do with delivery times, perhaps it has to do with price increases but whatever the cause it would appear that North American captive and commercial heat treaters are searching for used mesh belt furnace lines. We will shorten the search, currently there are virtually no used lines on the market and “The Monty Heat Treat News” is not expecting any short term reduction in demand or availability.

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