What Do Those in the Heat Treatment Industry Get Paid?

What do heat treaters get paid? International Search Partners (ISP) has for many years have been recruiting in the heat treat industry and if anybody can tell us what those involved in the industry get paid it is ISP. ISP has provided these details to “The Monty Heat Treat News” in the-past examples of which can be found at https://themonty.com/articles-interviews/ The world is a changing place and along with it salaries have changed. Over the course of the next few weeks we will be offering you salary guides for commercial heat treaters, OEM’s (furnace builders as an example) and a comparative ranking of all positions. Our first installment will be coming next week, in the meantime we offer you this salary range for commercial heat treaters which was published a couple of years ago. The entire article can be found at https://themonty.com/project/commercial-heat-treating-salary-guide/ 

“Although job descriptions can vary quite a bit between companies and salaries are subject to regional adjustments, this should give a fairly accurate representation of the current market-value for most commercial heat treating positions. An important note: compensation packages in the heat treat industry have advanced rapidly over the past few years. As the labor market has tightened, companies have had to increase wages to attract the resources necessary to run a successful operation. In many cases, the employer is offering non-cash incentives as well, such as more vacation time, the ability to work from home and profit sharing or bonus programs.

General Manager: Some GMs have Plant Manager responsibilities as well, but for our purposes, we’ll assume not. The GM is more the outward “face” of the company and typically does not get overly concerned with tactical day-to-day issues in the plant. Rather, the GM focuses on dealing with customers, addressing any emergency issues that arise and is ultimately responsible for managing the P&L of the plant. A good GM is worth his proverbial weight in gold. Salaries for experienced GMs start at $110minimum and can exceed $160k+. Sometimes, GMs are also incentivized with equity and/or performance bonuses.

Plant Manager: PMs are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the plant and oversee all employees, either directly or indirectly. The PM will usually not have P&L responsibility, but will manage and oversee all other functions of the plant. PM salaries range from $90k up to $125or more and typically also offer performance bonuses.

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