Webster Industries, Tiffin, Ohio to Close Foundry, Some Heat Treatment Effected

The announcement that specialy chain manufacturer Webster Industris in Tiffin, Ohio, USA was closing their foundry division caught the attention of “The Monty Heat Treat News” because twice over the years we have spoken about the company and their in house heat treatment department (further down you will find a 2020 posting about how the company was investing in their heat treat facilities). This week the company issued a press release about how they were closing their foundry division which will effect a small portion of their heat treat department but only those heat treat operations associated with the foundry.

“Tiffin, Ohio — Webster Industries announced this week that they will be discontinuing foundry operations at their Tiffin facility. The company said in a news release that the move is designed to “build capacity and focus on our growing chain and sprocket business.” “Over the next six months, we will be phasing out products, customers, processes and equipment that are in the specialty castings category,” the release states. “Our #1 goal is for every employee to stay with Webster and help build capacity to meet our growing demand.”

According to the news release, employees currently working in the foundry will be given the opportunity to “support the other products [Webster] manufactures.” “We need them and more to support our chain, sprocket and vibratory equipment business,” the release states. “Our desire is to communicate as openly as possible and respect the fact that change is not easy. Thank you for your continued grit and dedication to making a difference.”

July 2020 Posting; Webster Industries, Tiffin, Ohio Investing in Heat Treat Department; In Tiffin, Ohio, USA we find Webster Industries, a 140 year old, employee owned manufacturer of chain. Webster makes our news section today due to the fact that they just announced several million dollars worth of investments in the facility-this includes automated loading systems for their in house heat treat department. Just last year we visited this facility and what we saw in their heat treat department were a few batch IQ furnaces, some continuous lines and endo generators. While we were not allowed to take any pictures in the facility we did get this one of the individuals responsible for heat treating. On the left we see Mark Kuenzli, Operations Manager, Craig Agerter, Heat Treat Department and Gord Montgomery on the right.”

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