Watch a 6,000 Pound Per Hour Mesh Belt Furnace Line Being Installed

The link below will take you to a time lapse video of a new, 6,000 pound per hour Can-Eng mesh belt furnace line being installed at Metex Heat Treating. This installation occurred very recently and with this addition the company has the ability to process 300,000 pounds of parts per day in continuous furnaces. Metex now ranks as one of the largest in North America when it comes to processing fasteners, partly the key to their success is that they do it all-heat treating, plating, sorting and packaging which few companies can offer. We will shortly be offering a “Heat Treat Podcast” with the President of the company, Mr. Raman Bawa. Remember that no other heat treat source in the world offers as many Podcasts or interviews as “The Monty Heat Treat News”.

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