Wallwork Heat Treatment UK Receives First of Two New Plasma Nitriders

Recently we had a news item about Wallwork Heat Treatment in the UK adding more plasma nitriding capacity, this press release gives us an update on the project. Later on this month “The Monty Heat Treat News Team” will be visiting a number of companies in the UK involved in the thermal processing industry. This will include industry suppliers such as “Vacuum & Atmosphere Services”, controls company “SSi” and a few captive and commercial heat treaters.

“Delivery Day – Today the first of our two Rubig Plasma Nitriders have arrived and to be installed over the next week. This will take the site to 6 available units and increase actual usable capacity by 60%. Driven by customer demand this is part of £650k of invest for the Cambridge site and the start of the organisations commitment to increase capacity across the group over the next 12 months. On top of this we have now committed to two new Vacuum furnaces for the Birmingham site, to help keep pace with the increased demand for vacuum processing in the midlands.”

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