Wall Colmonoy Announces Fall Brazing School October 22-24, 2019

“Preserving the tradition originated by the late Robert Peaslee, a brazing pioneer who invented the first nickel-based brazing filler metal, Wall Colmonoy offers a fall session of Modern Furnace Brazing School on October 22-24, 2019 at Wall Colmonoy’s Aerobraze Brazing Engineering Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Engineers, technicians, quality managers, production managers, and others will participate in “hands-on” practical applications while learning about brazing technology from the industry’s leading brazing engineers. For over 60 years, Wall Colmonoy engineers have been gaining practical experience on actual problems in brazing plants around the world. This three-day seminar offers knowledge and practical application on:

  • Brazing Design
  • Metallurgical Aspects / Brazing Operation
  • Brazing Atmosphere and Furnace Equipment
  • Brazing Material Selection and Applications
  • Quality Control

Modern Furnace Brazing School instructors are: 

  • Lydia Lee, BSE, M. Eng, MBA, Director of Brazing Engineering Center, Alloy Products Group, USA
  • Russ Wilcox, BME, MBA, Technical Sales Manager, Alloy Products Group, USA
  • Ron Yarnall, Sales Manager, Aerobraze Engineered Technologies, USA

For seminar details and registration information, contact Jim Nicoll, Marketing Associate, at 
[email protected], T. 248.585.6400, ext. 233 or visit www.wallcolmonoy.com/brazing-school/