VIVA Aluminum Systems to Add Second Nitriding System

“It is always a good sign for Nitrex when a customer comes back after their first experience with the company’s products and services. VIVA ALUMINIUM SYSTEMS – a Vias Group member – is now a repeat customer of Nitrex, having recently purchased an NX-1015 turnkey system for nitriding extrusion dies.

With VIVA experiencing a heightened demand for its extrusion profiles from the industrial and construction markets, the company expanded its manufacturing capacity, installing an additional extrusion press and nitriding equipment. “We are delighted to do business with VIVA again. Fostering customer loyalty is a top priority at Nitrex and key to building an ongoing partnership for future growth. This is the second Nitrex system at the company’s facility in Bulgaria, and while it confirms the continued market demand for VIVA aluminum extruded profiles in Europe, it is also a clear sign that Nitrex nitriding system is providing VIVA with batch-to-batch production consistency and repeatable product quality in the manufacturing of extruded parts,” states Marcin Stoklosa, Product Manager at Nitrex.

The new pit furnace has an effective work zone of 39″ diameter by 59″ high (1000 x 1500 mm) with the capacity to nitride a 4400 lbs. (2000 kg) load. The NitregR process technology adapts to the application requirements to deliver improved performance of extrusion dies, achieving a higher throughput per extrusion run and scoring a higher number of runs per treated die, which in turn optimizes tool life and lowers tooling cost for a faster return on investment. The turnkey system also features a Nitrex HMI configured with multiple languages including other integral hardware such as a high-efficiency eco-friendly neutralizer, an H2SmartTM hydrogen sampling system and SGSTM gas sensor for high accuracy readings of the nitriding atmosphere.”

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