Valley Metal Treating Inc. To Close

We have been told that commercial heat treater Valley Metal Treating Inc., in Pomona, California, USA will be closing their doors within the next two weeks. We know little about the company beyond the fact that it is a small to medium sized operation which offers a wide variety of processes. We always find it upsetting to see any company having to close their doors but particularly so in this case as the company is over 70 years old. While we don’t know the details behind the closing we did run across this posting from a customer which appears to put the blame on the stringent California environmental regulations. 

“Established in 1936, Valley heat treat is forced to close its doors because of California air quality control management. The upgrades required were not feasible and so yet another company closes here in SoCal. Regulations are getting out of hand and affecting 1000’s of local business. Plating companies have been hard hit here as well. After using Valley for decades, we are now forced to look elsewhere and that sucks.”