Vacuum Furnace Manufacturer Has Successful Third Quarter

“Solar Manufacturing Inc. had a successful 3rd quarter this year acquiring purchase orders for ten vacuum furnaces. The various types of new furnace orders ranged in size from the compact Mentor® and Mentor® Pro series to a large production furnace with a work zone of up to 72” in length. The furnaces will be shipped to companies across North America in the following market sectors: aerospace, commercial heat treating, and additive manufacturing.

Trevor Jones, President of Solar Manufacturing states, “With the unknown business and political climate next year, we are fortunate to be building a healthy backlog of furnace orders to weather any potential economic storm that may lie ahead. Additionally, strong quotation activity levels seem to indicate customers are optimistic to expand after the pandemic ramifications continue to ease.

Solar Manufacturing designs and manufactures a wide variety of vacuum heat treating, sintering, and brazing furnaces and offers replacement hot zones, spare parts, and professional service. To learn more about Solar Manufacturing contact Pete Reh, VP of Sales, at 267-384-5040 x1509, or via email or visit us at”

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