Vacuum Furnace Builder Has Record Sales

According to this press release Italian furnace builder TAV had record breaking sales in 2023-good for them, very impressive. To go with this press release we have this photo taken in 2023. In it we see a new a new TAV installation at Standard Motor Products in Greenville, SC. Standing in front of the furnace we see Mr. Jan Massholder, Managing Director of “Furnacare” the US division of TAV and Gord Montgomery. To find out more about TAV, Furnacare and Standard Motor Products we would suggest this link to the original story.
“2023 was a standout year for us at TAV VACUUM FURNACES, achieving a record €34 million in turnover, a significant leap from €23 million the previous year. This marks the best performance in our 40-year history! In recognition of the contribution made and in compliance with the second level negotiation, TAV VACUUM FURNACES awarded employees a record production bonus, with the amount ranging from a minimum of €11,195 to a maximum of €12,875.
The company management underlined the essential role of our employees in this success. Our growth has been driven by continuous innovation in our products and processes.
Continuous research in the field of technological innovation has, in fact, led to enlarge the range of products produced with a new furnace designed for low pressure carburizing and gas quenching processes. With 72% of our sales in 2023 coming from exports, we continue to strengthen our global presence, especially in emerging markets. As we grow, we’re also expanding our team, enhancing key departments to now include 100 professionals ready to take on future challenges.”
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