Vacuum Carburizing With Oil Quenching

Last week we had an article entitled “Vacuum Carburizing with Oil Quenching a Growing Trend in the Heat Treatment Industry?” The basis of the article was that at least two suppliers of such systems have changed direction a bit and now have a product offering which fits very neatly into a batch IQ (sealed quench) situation. We have solicited thoughts and comments from these suppliers and later today we will summarize how this change is exciting both captive and commercial heat treaters.

It is a real co-incidence that the day we posted our original article we received an unsolicited market report about the Vacuum Carburizing Furnace Market. While at first glance it appeared interesting the more we looked into it, the more we realized that the information contained in it is in a number of cases is just plain wrong or is missing major points. For instance Tennova is mentioned as being a key supplier for VC furnaces, Tennova exited this business some time ago and was never more than a niche player. The report also focuses only on Vacuum Carburizing with gas quenching and makes no mention at all of oil quenching. We could point out a number of other mistakes but you get the point. So take this as you will and look forward to our thoughts on the newest trend in vacuum carburizing technology.

“Here’s the one report on the analysis of the Vacuum Carburizing Furnaces Market that you may be share with your management team. A vacuum carburizing furnace wherein the concentration of carburizing gas in the furnace atmosphere as well as the furnace pressure may be maintained within predetermined ranges for optimum carburization, and the carburizing atmosphere is forced to circulate by a fan within the heating chamber so that parts or articles may be uniformly carburized. 

The global market of vacuum carburizing furnace is mainly concentrated in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Among them, Asia-pacific vacuum carburizing furnace sales share is the largest, accounting for 52.02% in the world in 2019. Europe has 23.37% of the market, While North America has 18.36%, while other regions have a smaller share.

In the downstream consumer market, vacuum carburizing furnace can be widely used in Automobiles, Tool & Die, among which Automobile is the largest consumer market, accounting for 67.58% of the market, and Tool & Die application accounts for 20.00% of the market share.

The global Vacuum carburizing furnace market is relatively concentrated, and the major manufacturers in the market include ECM, Ipsen, ALD Vacuum Technologies, Secowarwick, Tenova, etc. ECM is the global leading enterprise, and its annual revenue accounts for 23.89% of the global share in 2019. The world’s top five manufacturers accounted for 74.40% in 2019. 

Market Analysis and Insights: Global Vacuum Carburizing Furnaces Market. The global Vacuum Carburizing Furnaces market size is projected to reach US$ 201.9 million by 2026, from US$ 133.7 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 7.1% during 2021-2026. The Vacuum Carburizing Furnaces key manufacturers in this market include:”

  • ECM
  • Ipsen
  • ALD Vacuum Technologies
  • Secowarwick
  • Tenova
  • IHI(Hayes)
  • Chugai-ro
  • Solar Mfg
  • C.I. Hayes
  • Huahai Zhongyi

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