Vacuum Carburizing with Oil Quenching a Growing Trend in the Heat Treatment Industry?

The global heat treatment industry has often been described as being mature, staid, conservative and slow to change and these accusations are entirely warranted. So it is with interest that we watch to see what new technologies come along and whether they become a trend, that is the topic of this news item. Over the past year two companies have introduced new products which are fairly similar, vacuum furnaces with oil quenching which are designed for carburizing applications.

Now there is nothing new about this technology, what is new is that it comes in a new package, basically a standard batch IQ configuration. (This photo shows a standard North American Batch IQ Furnace). Since Batch IQ furnaces are the most common style of furnace in the world this makes for a pretty slick idea. Hard on the heels of these new products comes a rumor that one of the larger furnace manufacturers in North America is poised to announce a similar product in the new year. Look forward to some more information about vacuum carburizing with oil quenching and its possible effect on the heat treating market next week.

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This photo shows a standard North American Batch IQ Furnace