Vacuum Brazing, Aalberts surface technologies

Earlier this week “The Monty Heat Treat News” profiled one of the 3 locations Aalberts surface technologies’ HIP | braze | heat treatment division maintains in the Greenville, SC, USA region ( Today we look at a second location, this one located on Pelham Road in Greenville.

This facility stands out because it is strategically located to support a key customer with vacuum brazing for the power generation industry, while adding redundancy, growth and capacity within the region. Opened in 2016 it achieved NADCAP certification 5 years ago making it the first of the Aalberts locations in the Greenville area to achieve this impressive milestone. 

Currently it has vacuum brazing, heat treating and product testing, however the infrastructure is in place to add more capacity almost literally on a moment’s notice. 

It’s not surprising that each of the 17 Aalberts surface technologies  HIP | braze | heat treatment locations in North America including the 3 in the Greenville area encourages the local managers to embrace the “Aalberts Way” including the “be an entrepreneur” principle empowering them to have the latitude to do what they feel is best for their customers and the company as a whole.

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