USA Furnace Builder Lands Major Order

Earlier this week “The Monty Heat Treat News” posted an unconfirmed rumor that a US company was investing in 2 very large pit carburizing furnaces. We are now in a position to provide more details although alas we still can’t reveal the name of the buyer-yet.

“McLaughlin Furnace Group of Avilla, Indiana is pleased to announce that they have received a very substantial order from a company in the US. The order will include 2 gas fired pit carburizing furnaces with working dimensions of 54” diameter X 192” deep each is capable of 1900F.

A “state of the art” control system will control gas flow which includes endothermic gas, nitrogen, natural gas, argon, air, ammonia, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Each system will include the furnace, hydraulic loading cell and 6 foot extension section and will share a common quench oil tank. Delivery of the first system is expected first quarter of 2023.

The buyer has also placed an order with McLaughlin for a gas fired batch IQ furnace with working dimensions of 30” X 48” X 30”. Delivery is planned for late 2023.

Jeff McLaughlin of McLaughlin Furnace Group had this to say; “We have been working with this buyer for well over a year and it is a great honor that at the end of the day they placed their trust in McLaughlin to provide state of the art, on time furnace lines. We are looking forward to working with this customer for many years.”

More information about McLaughlin is available at; McLaughlin Furnaces | American Made | Global Reach (

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