US Captive Heat Treater Announces Substantial Expansion

ThermAvant Technologies, a supplier of thermal management hardware and services recently issued a press release about adding a new facility in Columbia, MO, USA to handle their very significant growth. The press release caught our attention as the firm currently has a very respectable in house heat treatment department which includes two aluminum-vacuum brazing furnaces and one controlled atmosphere brazing furnace. Our understanding is that ThermAvant will also be adding another brand new Ipsen vacuum brazing furnace later this year.

This is the sort of news that “The Monty Heat Treat News” always like to announce, a successful manufacturer investing, growing and hiring.

“FEBRUARY 27, 2022 Columbia MO; ThermAvant Technologies Will More Than Quadruple Space To Meet Growing Demand for Its Thermal Management Solutions. Fueled by growing demand for its thermal management hardware and services, ThermAvant Technologies will more than quadruple its engineering and manufacturing space.  In May, the firm is opening a 33,000-square-foot facility at 2508 Paris Road in Columbia. 

 Founded in 2007, ThermAvant is expanding rapidly as aero-defense and technology customers adopt its oscillating heat pipe technology into their platforms. Today, ThermAvant serves the avionics, spacecraft, computer, radar, and telecommunications industries. The firm has also been engaged by leading agencies, including the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), NASA, National Science Foundation, Army Research Laboratory, Office of Naval Research, and the Missile Defense Agency.

 “After nearly a decade of sustained R&D, we started selling our first commercial products in 2017. Now, we are scaling up engineering and production as quickly as we can,” says ThermAvant CEO Joe Boswell.  “There has been a decline in Midwest manufacturing,” he adds.  “It’s encouraging to buck that trend with the opening of our new facility.” 

 In 2018, ThermAvant received funding from Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC), a public-private partnership created by the Missouri General Assembly to promote entrepreneurship and foster the growth of new and emerging high-tech companies.  “People generally associate technological innovation with Silicon Valley, New York, or Boston,” says Bill Vega, interim executive director of MTC.  “But, as ThermAvant demonstrates, there are exciting developments taking place in the heartland.”

 In that same year, ThermAvant and the AFRL were selected as an R&D 100 Award winner for the development of “Oscillating Heat Pipes for High-Power Electronics Thermal Management.” An independent panel of judges deemed this work as “one of the 100 most technologically significant new products of the year.”

 ThermAvant’s grand opening reception will take place at the new headquarters on May 2nd.  “We look forward to offering tours to attendees and familiarizing local community members with our products, our history with the University of Missouri here in Columbia, and our future plans,” says Mr. Boswell.  “In our opinion, prospects are strong for our small but expanding business, and this should benefit our local community as well.”  

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